“Great Licence” for designing and realization of telecommunication networks and systems for telecommunications facilities and/or networks, systems or facilities that are of international or trunk level, as well as networks and facilities that are built on the territory of two or more municipalities (P150E3, P151E3, I150E3, I151E3)

“Great licence” to perform HVAC, thermo energy, processing and gas installations for international and trunk pipelines, gas pipelines and oil pipelines for transport, gas pipelines with a nominal operating pressure over 16 bar, if they run across at least two municipalities, for storages of oil, gas and oil derivatives with a capacity of over 500t (I031M1)

“Great license” for construction of hydro-technical facilities for international and regional water supply facilities and sewage (I071G3)

“Great license” to perform mechanical installations on buildings and industrial water supply, hydraulic and hydropower for international and regional water supply facilities and sewage (I071M2)


ISO standard certificate 50001:2018
  • ISO standard certificate 9001:2015
  • (TÜV – in posession since 2006.)
  • ISO standard certificate 14001:2015
  • ISO standard certificate 45001:2018
  • ISO/IEC standard certificate 27001:2013

Telekomunikacija doo

Energy Passport

Since 2013th “Telekomunikacija” Ltd is one of the top 30 authorized organizations that meet statutory requirements for holders of so-called “energy passport”, that is, meets the requirements for certification of the energy performance of buildings.

Telekomunikacija doo