Telekomunikacija Ltd company has extensive experience in applying the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) that provides many advantages and cost savings of up to 35%

The “Horizontal Directional Drilling” (HDD) method is a standard and a fixed name in the EU and America.

The directional drilling method (HDD) has been widely known for years, all over the world and Serbia alike. Its use has become increasingly popular for several reasons: the negative effects of digging are avoided, the implementation of projects is speeded up and undisturbed functioning of existing infrastructure is ensured.

Based on the excerpt from the complete building project documentation, Telekomunikacija Ltd company uses the projected longitudinal profile of installation under barriers, the synchronization plan and the report on geotechnical testing of surfaces to carry out preparatory works including: route marking, installation of drilling machinery and selection of drilling angle, excavation of inlet pits.

Telekomunikacija Ltd company also performs standard preparation works which include ground clearing, preparation of the construction site and the provision of transport communication. The construction site is usually formed on both sides of the barriers.

One side, the central one, is used to position the machinery and equipment for the expansion of the borehole. The opposite side is used for the preparation of installations and feeding tubes and positioning of the system of rollers.

Based on the type of terrain, depth of borehole, and its length, the appropriate thrust is selected – for actual drilling and also for steering. The job itself consists of three phases: pilot drilling, boring and final phase of inserting installations i.e. pipes.

Samo izvođenje radova sastoji se iz tri faze: pilot bušenja, razbušivanja i završne faze uvlačenja instalacije, odnosno cevi.

Kompanija Telekomunikacija doo raspolaže potrebnim tehničko-tehnološkim i ljudskim resursima za finalizaciju poslova primenom metode koso usmerenog bušenja, različitih dimenzija i namena.