Within this sector Telekomunikacija Ltd company is engaged with engineering and construction of water supply and sewerage networks, as follows:

  • distributive networks through urban areas
  • trunk water mains
  • facilities for purification of waste water
  • irrigation systems

One of the most significant projects is the irrigation system in Vrbas, built for the needs of the agricultural enterprise Sava Kovačević ad, the majority of which is owned by company Mirotin Ltd. Vrbas. The building, which extends to 2,100 acres, was built in accordance with the technology of pivot irrigation system (linear) and is one of the most representative buildings of its kind in Serbia.

In addition, Telekomunikacija Ltd company is engaged in the construction of pumping stations, booster stations, reservoirs and installation of hydrology machinery of all diameters and sizes. For investors” needs, we also offer services of designing water supply and sewerage facilities.

Telekomunikacija Ltd company obtains a significant presence in the demanding market of hydro engineering services by continuous application of cutting edge methodologies and materials.