Telekomunikacija Ltd is one of the leading companies dealing with infrastructure constructions and engineering in the field of telecommunications, electric and gas systems, water supply systems, sewerage systems, buildings, steel truss structures and ecology.

Telekominikacija Ltd is fully committed to keeping its activities at the highest level by investing in technical and technology resources. The company also focuses on developing the infrastructure of its own staff, particularly in the areas of management, constantly striving to approach potential customers – small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations.

To this end, we develop projects tailored to meet the needs and demands of our clients, taking into account individual specifications. The company is strongly oriented towards adoption of existing standards and development of the new ones, opening new possibilities of more effective collaboration and communication with clients.

History, growth, experience

Telekomunikacija Ltd was founded in 1990. Over the past three decades we made it our goal to engage in quality work, acquire new skills and knowledge, accept challenges and invest patiently in human, technical and technology resources. We knew that such an approach would secure our top position among the companies operating in the field of infrastructure constructions in Serbia.

We have built thousands of miles of access telephone networks, hundreds of miles of optical cables connection routes, distributive gas networks, water supply and sewerage systems.

In the ever continuing competition for the leadership position, our main assets are the willingness to always meet the needs of investors and the adaptability to the new requirements that the future has in store for us.

Company Structure

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