The laboratory was established as an independent organizational unit of Telekomunikacija Ltd company. The task of the laboratory is to conduct tests and measurements needed to prove the quality of the work done in all other company departments. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary instruments for precise measurement and confirmation of the given parameters of the work done.

The professional staff of the laboratory performs all necessary tests in the areas of telecommunications, gas and hydro-technical construction through following methods:

  • testing of gas installations on strength and tightness
  • testing of hydraulic installations
  • examining the distribution of polarization potentials of cathodic protection of pipelines
  • testing the isolation of the protection pipe from the primary pipe
  • testing of insulation to electric penetration
  • testing of functionality of built-in insulation pieces and flanges
  • testing of lightning protection and grounding installations
  • testing of grounding resistance
  • testing of protective and working earthing

Currently in progress: supplementation and checking of procedures used in the tests specified above; additional examinations of measuring equipment; accreditation procedure for testing procedures.