Operating within Telekomunikacija Ltd company, there is also a retail sector. This sector is engaged in sales and service of fiscal devices and accessories. We have been in this business since the beginnings of fiscalization in the Republic of Serbia. We are an authorized distributor and repairer of fiscal equipment of the largest manufacturers: Galeb, Pupin, HCP, EI informatika, VG Optima, Telefonija, Intracom…

Available at the best prices, we offer over 20 models of fiscal cash registers and printers as well as accessories:

  • Mandatory GPRS terminals
  • Bar code readers
  • Cash drawers
  • Label printers
  • Programs for operating fiscal cash registers
  • Thermal tape…

We offer free certification of your cash registers, operator/user training on all cash registers, installation of GPRS, listing of items, distribution of cash register programs. The warranty period of our equipment is from one to three years. Technical support for our devices is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are different models of cash registers in the market. They can have different characteristics, reflected in the number of items, memory of daily reports, way of usage, quality and the like.

To decide which cash is best for you, contact us or call us. We can visit you at your premises and introduce you to advantages and drawbacks of specific cash registers, in order to help you find the solution that will best meet your needs concerning a fiscal device.

Fiscal cash register service

Telekomunikacija doo, Bruski put bb, Kruševac

Tel/fax: (+381) 037 481 220; 481 231

e-mail: djordje.djordjevic@telekomunikacija.rs