Telekomunikacija Ltd company, as a licenced contractor, engages in capital construction of:

  • trunk gas pipelines
  • gas distribution network of individual cities and towns and villages
  • metering and regulating stations

Installation of house measuring and regulating sets and the construction and maintenance of indoor gas installations for industrial and individual consumers, also make an integral part of the activities of the sector. Design of pipeline systems is also offered on investors’ demand.

In the period since the establishment of the sector to date, numerous facilities have been built for Yugorosgaz ad Belgrade, JP Srbijagas Novi Sad and for the city of Niš in cooperation with the Ministry of the Republic of Serbia. Telekomunikacija Ltd company is a strategic partner for the first stage of gasification of Smederevo.

The gas systems sectors continuously keeps up with the development of the technology of the gas pipeline system in Serbia and adopts new technology solutions in construction through the development of the existing staffing and organization of new staff structures whenever necessary. This is the best way to meet the demands of investors and end users.