Since its establishment, Telekomunikacija Ltd company has been engaged in the construction of access networks for fixed telephony and also construction of optical connection routes and outposts. We are one of the most important partners of Telekom Srbija company in this field.

The previous experience of Telekomunikacija Ltd company in the field of construction of optical telephone networks has provided us with a reputation of excellence and a position in the very narrow circle of companies who are successfully engaged in construction and installation of optical fibers infrastructure. So far, we have built and put into operation more than 2.000 km of optical fiber cables of different capacities on trunk, regional and local levels.

Telekomunikacija Ltd company specializes in large and complex projects of telecommunications networks construction. These are implemented as turnkey projects, which include designing, construction and maintenance of optical networks as well as access telephone networks. As partners to Telekom Srbija company, we have provided telephone connections to more than 300.000 users around the Republic of Serbia.

Given that the requirements of users in fixed telephony keep growing, operators are faced with difficult decisions and demanding solutions to provide an expanding range of services. Telekomunikacija Ltd company offers technical solutions for overcoming such problems, facilitates decision-making and implementation of complex projects.

We have to emphasize that we are fully equipped for laying, installation and putting into operation of trunk optical routes.